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Our roots at Aryan grow towards a common goal of healthy food & sustainable development. We look beyond the average to turn the diversity of green into strength by encouraging better use of natural resources & strengthening the farmers’ position within the food chain.


F-58, Radhe Mohan Drive, Jonapur, New Delhi - 110 047 (India)
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We're About Wellness, Not Just Business

Our story began in 1998 with a simple yet powerful idea – giving back to society. From this vision emerged a social enterprise, now known as the ARYAN GROUP. In 2018, our mission to provide safe & healthy food for all took a step further, incorporating wellness into our mission. Thus, Green Roots was born. Today, Green Roots is dedicated to reshaping the food culture & enhancing overall well-being, with uplifting stories unfolding every day.

Aryan Group serves as the parent organization, primarily focused on the sale of raw materials, while Green Roots is the brand dedicated to delivering finished products tailored to meet the needs of end consumers

The fundamental philosophy of Green Roots centers around the concept of WELLNESS THROUGH NOURISHING FOOD. On the surface, wellness might seem straightforward – it’s about feeling good & functioning at your best. However, upon closer examination, many discover that it’s more multifaceted. Wellness encompasses strong bodies & minds, open hearts, & elevated spirits.


The core idea behind Green Roots is simple yet potent: to promote holistic wellness by offering nourishing food that not only fills people up but also provides essential nutrition, satisfaction, & leaves them feeling good & energetic.We are proud to offer a wide range of certified products that embody the essence of purity and sustainability. Our commitment to providing authentic, high-quality goods reflects our dedication to your well-being and the environment.

Prioritizing wellness isn’t a one-time effort; it requires a united & ongoing commitment. Our team has diligently worked to source Organic Agro & Phyto ingredients from remote regions of India. While Green Roots has expanded beyond its initial team, our spirit of giving back to society remains unwavering.

As Green Roots continues to evolve, we encounter numerous decisions & possibilities. In these moments, we remember what’s truly important – our people, our community, and our mission to spread wellness through nourishing food.

Green Roots EST 1998
25 Years of Nurturing Nature’s Goodness in Vitamins & Minerals

Built on years of extensive research, we provide dependable quality. Your Trusted Natural Wellness Partner

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