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Our roots at Aryan grow towards a common goal of healthy food & sustainable development. We look beyond the average to turn the diversity of green into strength by encouraging better use of natural resources & strengthening the farmers’ position within the food chain.


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Innovations in Vitamin Delivery Systems Pills vs. Gummies vs. Liquids

For decades, vitamin pills have been the standard form of supplementation. They offer precise dosages, are easily portable, & often have a longer shelf life. However, some individuals may find swallowing pills challenging, & absorption rates might vary based on factors...
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Choosing the Right Natural Vitamins for Your Lifestyle with Green Roots

Ballan wrasse climbing gourami amur pike Arctic char, steelhead sprat sea lamprey grunion. Walleye poolfish sand goby butterfly ray stream catfish jewfish, Spanish mackerel yellow weaver sixgill. Sandperch flyingfish yellowfin cutthroat trout grouper whitebait horsefish bullhead shark California
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The Role of Vitamins in Supporting Bone Health

Our bones serve as the framework of our body, providing structural support, protecting vital organs, & facilitating mobility. Maintaining optimal bone health is crucial for preventing fractures, osteoporosis, & ensuring an active lifestyle. Vitamins Essential for Bone Health How Vitamins
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Vitamin D Importance, Benefits, & How to Get Enough

Vitamin D stands as a cornerstone of overall health, contributing significantly to several bodily functions. Notably, it aids in the absorption of calcium & phosphorus, fundamental for maintaining robust bones & teeth. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in supporting a...
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