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Our roots at Aryan grow towards a common goal of healthy food & sustainable development. We look beyond the average to turn the diversity of green into strength by encouraging better use of natural resources & strengthening the farmers’ position within the food chain.


F-58, Radhe Mohan Drive, Jonapur, New Delhi - 110 047 (India)
+91-97170 27770

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Product Description Our Organic Zinc Powder 4%, a natural & organic solution that provides a concentrated source of zinc. Sourced from certified organic sources, this premium powder offe
Product Description Our Organic Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) Powder, a premium dietary supplement that offers a natural & organic source of Riboflavin, an essential B vitamin. Sourced from ce
Product Description Our Organic Mustard Seed Extract with Selenium, a natural & organic solution that combines the rich flavors of mustard seeds with the essential mineral selenium. Sour
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